This class is for all students, regardless of degree level.  This includes the Independent Study materials.

The promises of God to the nation of Israel ensured them a home land of their own.  They were promised to be the head and not the tail.  To be above and not beneath.  To be blessed in all that they would do.  However, the promises were contingent upon their obedience and faithfulness to the covenant they had made with Jehovah.  Breaking that covenant held promises of judgment.  

  • To Perish off the land God had given them - meaning to die, perish, be lost, go astray, go to ruin, to be carried off.
  • To be scattered among the nations where they would have to serve idols.

Unfortunantly, as Jeremiah the prophet said, There own feet carried them to captivity.

Time, repentance, God's mercy and compassion, renewing a covenant relationship with God brought them back to the promise land, the land of Israel.  

We will look at the Biblical accounts of the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther to get a scope of their coming home.

We will use the King James Version of the Bible for our class lectures and homework studies.  

Open Door Outreach Bible Institution's Bible Course tntitled Israel's Story will be our guidebook and assignment workbook.  Written by Dr.  James C. Maynor.

Dr.  Karen Carr will be the instructor for this course of study.  

Students receive introductory information to New Testament Greek.

Learn the Greek Alphabet

Learn Vowels and Diphthongs

Learn Greek Verbs

Learn Greek Nouns