These classes are required for students desiring to obtain an Associate of Theology degree.

New Testament Survey II is one of the required courses in the Associate of Theology Degree Program. It covers the last half of the study of the New Testament, Colossians through Revelation. In clear and concise language, What the Bible is All About, Bible Handbook, gives an excellent overview and understanding of every book covered in the course.

TEXT BOOK: WHAT THE BIBLE IS ALL ABOUT, Bible Handbook, Author: Dr. Henrietta C. Mears HOLY BIBLE, KJV.

In addition to the homework worksheets the students must learn the books of the New Testament.  (This semester learn Colossians - Revelation.) 

Students will also be required to write summaries for three different books, which MUST chosen from the books being studied this semester.

All homework will come from Worksheet Questions. Please return these worksheets in a timely manner. Points will be deducted for tardiness. The final exam will be made up from the homework worksheets, and the Doctrines Chart.