Classes will be online for the fall semester. This means students will need to upload limited homework, such as essays, to Moodle. It also means that homework quizzes and exams must be taken on Moodle. SGTS administration has constantly been encouraging students to become familiar and comfortable with Moodle. It is time for this to happen! There are activities and practice quizzes to help students utilize the opportunities offered by access to Moodle.

     • There have been instances of students uploading homework to the wrong area.
     1. Pay attention to the date of the upload area. It should match the Scope and Sequence provided for the course. EVERY COURSE HAS A SCOPE and SEQUENCE. Chapter titles and dates are on the scope and sequence, the worksheet or homework instructions, and the upload section.
     2. Some course sections can have more than one file uploaded. Bibliology has been set to accept three files. Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey class summary projects are set for two files. Other courses may be set for only one file.
     3. Most of these courses are not new. The number of files to upload has worked in the past. The settings should be sufficient this semester.
     4. If a mistake is made in uploading a file, send a message detailing which the course and the date to which the file was uploaded. The administrator (Dr. Gibbs) can revert the submission to a draft, which will then allow the correct file to be added, and the incorrect file can be deleted.
     5. If a student just cannot succeed in uploading work to Moodle, email it to the instructor and/or assistant teacher, according to their preference. At this point in the semester, students should know what that preference is.
     6. If email is also a problem, homework can be mailed. Check with the instructor to find out where to send mail if that information is not provided in the course information on Moodle. The data will be updated soon. Be watchful and patient.

     • · Be in prayer for SGTS, the staff, and students, the nation and its leaders.